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How does RBO work? You get technology that helps you to run and grow your real estate business.

Broker Office

Manage your office, agents, deals!

Enter all of your agents, along with their commission splits, deductions and fees.

RBO calculates broker and agent commission splits; you can mark transactions items completed; and you can do sales & revenue projections.

Agents Office

Your agents can enter their transactions!

Agent can enter their own transactions, upload documents, and print their commission and sales reports.

RBO also lets agents manage their leads, contacts and to-do items.

Broker has access to all info, making it easy to check agents’ deals and progress.

Franchise Office

Real-time data from your franchisees!

As a franchisor, you can quickly and easily distribute RBO system to your franchisees; thus making it easy to expand your number of locations.

You get real-time sales and revenue data on how things are going with each franchise.