Native Ads Gets More Clients, Here’s How!

Native Advertising Works!

Native advertising is an ad that feels like existing content.

For example, when you are browsing the articles on one of your favorite website, some of those article are ads, even though the ads are presented as another article in the list.

In all fairness, at the bottom of the ad is small print that says “ad content”.  However, most people just seen the headline and click; they miss the “ad content” identification.

Native advertising is suppose to blend in and be less intrusive, and it works.  Research by HubSpot shows that people view native ads 50% more than banner ads.

People are tired of being interrupted, so they turn on ad blockers and control their own user experience.  Native ads provides a way for you to be seen without being annoying.

Tips for creating native ads

DO create content that integrates with the site’s topic or subject matter. You want to stand out by blending in.

DO scour the site for successful native content examples.

DON’T go for the hard sell.