You can set personalized commission splits for each of your agents, and RBO will automatically calculate all related commissions.  Commission schedules include:


Fixed Percentage Split
example: 80/20, 100, 70/30, …


Multi-Levels Split
If sales between $30,000 and $50,000 split is 50/50
If sales between $50,001 and $60,000 split is 60/40
If sales over $60,000 split is 70/30

-You can set as many levels as you like
-You can set the value to be based on sales, gross, net, number of transactions sides


Flat Commission Amount
You can set a fixed dollar amount for your agent’s commission.


Progressive Pay
You can set your commission to be calculated using a progressive pay scale.  I.E., using split percentages from two or more levels, when a deal crosses a level.


Agent Deductions
You can set to have deduction taken directly from the agent’s commission. For example, e&o insurance, admin fee, technology fee, etc.


Broker Gross Commission
You can set default gross commission percent or dollar amount, and you can further override this amount for each transaction; in the event you agree to charge something other than your standard broker commission amount.


Broker Deductions
You can set to have gross deduction taken off the top, before any agent commission split is calculated.


Broker Demands (Disbursement Instructions)
Run the broker instructions for your closing company.  This report provides details on how funds are to be disbursed and to whom.


Recurring Fees
You can setup to calculate fees monthly, quarterly bi-annual, or annually on a recurring basis


Referring Agent
You can pay your agent a portion of the commission for referring another agent to your brokerage.